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6. The browser

Xmaxima's browser is a Web browser. It lacks many features available in any modern browser, such as style-sheets and tables support. On the other hand, that browser accepts two additional tags, which are not part of HTML, but are very useful to pass commands to Xmaxima from the html page.

One example of that is the Maxima Primer that appears in the browser when Xmaxima starts. That primer has some fields where you can click to get the result inside the browser window. The syntax of the two additional tags is as follows

<eval program=maxima doinsert=0>maxima_command</eval>
<eval program=maxima doinsert=1>command</eval>
<result modified>result</result>

The first form will highlight the given Maxima command, and when the user double clicks on it, it will be evaluated, but its result will not be inserted back into the original web page.

The second form will act similarly to the first, but the result from Maxima will now be inserted back into the Web page, in the next tag `result' that appears in the page. The commands shown in the eval tags can be edited and reenter.

Some more sample active pages can be found in http://www.ma.utexas.edu/users/wfs/netmath/netmath.html

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