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Third Party Code

The following list links to some packages that we cannot include in the official Maxima distribution due to legal restrictions or because they are not in a stable state yet.

Other stable packages that are not part of the official Maxima distribution because they are being maintained somewhere else, can be found in Projects Related to Maxima.

A series of interesting Macsyma packages by Willy Hereman et al.. Commercial use is not permitted without consent of the authors.

The package pw.mac extends Maxima by enabling it to work with piecewise continuous functions.

Quantum information and entanglement package. A quantum information package that allows the manipulation of instances of objects — operators, vectors, tensors, etc. — that appear in the theory of quantum information and quantum entanglement.

Symbolic matrix analysis of structures. SymSAP aims to become a powerful didactic tool to help students learn structural analysis.

rfMaxima allows for symbolic derivation, as well as numerical evaluation (incl. Bode and Smith chart plotting), of 2-port network (ABCD, G, InverseABCD, H, S, Y, and Z), noise and stability parameters. Derivations are based on the solution of the set of Kirchoff current and voltage law equations representing the 2-port. Expressions can be exported to HTML or TeX. Figures can be exported to EPS or PNG.

If you know any old Macsyma code still available on the Internet or new Maxima packages that should be included in this list, please tell us about it so we can add a link or even add it to the official distribution, if its license is compatible with Maxima's.