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Maxima Documentation


Books and articles which mention Maxima or Macsyma.

Other documents

  • Some Baseless Opinions About Maxima by Robert Dodier
    A presentation from Sage Developer Days 1.
  • The Maxima Book
    This is a very incomplete and in some places out of date user oriented manual. It is a work in progress, but is provided here in the hope it might be useful.
    Update: This new version isn't all that different, but it has been updated a bit with regards to plotting and a couple other minor changes. Emaxima and install docs have not been updated yet. Mathematical content is essentially unchanged. Pictures should be of slightly better quality.
  • MAXIMA: Science and Engineering Applications by Gilberto E. Urroz
    A collection of lecture notes, showing the use of Maxima and WxMaxima in science and engineering problems.
  • Computer Based Tools for Engineers by Javed Alam
    The different sessions provide the necessary theory and the solution using Maxima for problems encountered in Engineering computing.