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MξΣ Maxima, a Computer Algebra System

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There are three collections of prior postings to the English-language Maxima email list.

  1. The Gmane archive.
  2. The mailing list archive at U Texas contains messages from January 2006 until January 30, 2014. Older messages were removed to prevent email-address harvesting (an anti-spam measure).
  3. The mailing list archive at the Maxima web site contains messages from 2000 through 2005.

There are two ways to search the Maxima mailing list archive.

(1) You can try this search engine query. Search results are automatically limited to the mailing list archive.

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(2) You can also read and search the list (from about July 2002) as a newsgroup, gmane.comp.mathematics.maxima.general at

Using the Maxima mailing list

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