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Maxima Mailing Lists

There are currently 6 lists in Maxima. The main list where more people participate is the maxima-discuss list.

Please subscribe before posting a message to any of the lists. If you are not subscribed, your message will be placed on hold until a list administrator has a chance to read it and approve it or reject it. You can subscribe and configure the subscription so you will not receive copies of the messages by e-mail or get only periodical digests with a summary of several messages. If you use several different e-mail accounts, you can subscribe them all and disable the reception of e-mail copies, to be able to write to the list from any of your addresses.

Maxima discussion list

Any Maxima related issues can be discussed in this list, from very simple beginner's questions, to specific development ideas. To post a message in this list, send email to

A summary of the list usage and an interface to subscribe/unsubscribe or to manage a subscription.

Archive (new)
Messages from February 2014. Use the two buttons "Flat" and "Threaded" to toggle between a listing of all messages and a list of message headers.

Archive (old)
Messages posted from 2000 to 2013.

Search (new)
Search messages posted since February 2014.

Lists in other languages

Notifications lists

The lists maxima-bugs and maxima-commits are meant for those who want to receive e-mail notifications every time a bug report is entered or answered and when a GIT commit is made.

You can also post in those lists, but since only a few developers and users are subscribed, it is better to comment bug reports in the Bug Tracking System and to comment commits in the maxima-discuss list.